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Serving our clients since 1998

Frits, glazes, colours, digital ink and effects

An international manufacturer of products for the ceramic industry Serving our clients since 1998, Ink manufacturers Headquartered in Onda - Castellón, at Coloronda we are dedicated to the design and development of ceramic techniques and the fabrication and commercialization of products and services for the ceramic industry. Since our beginnings in 1998, innovation and design has been a mainstay in the business development of Coloronda. We are currently growing, and betting on the continuous incorporation of the latest technological advances in innovation and design. Our evolution is based on a constant concern to offer ceramic solutions of exceptional quality, in order to meet the needs of all our customers. All this work is possible thanks to our extensive team of experienced and highly qualified professionals, together with facilities equipped with the latest technologies.

Solutions for the international ceramics industry

In order to bring our services and products to the entire world, Coloronda works on the continuous expansion of new markets, always taking into account the peculiarities of each country we are targeting, and taking advantage of our excellent logistics management to supply the goods to different parts of the world in optimal conditions. Thanks to our desire for global projection, we are proud to say that in addition to distributing our products to almost the entire national territory, we have an international client base consolidated in the 5 continents.


In Coloronda we have the firm commitment to improving our environment, reflected in several areas of our performance. Our ethical code of conduct inspires the conduct of our staff, and for this reason, we have created and implemented labour harassment, money laundering prevention and compliance protocols.

At our company we strive to assess and improve the outcomes we generate, from economic, social and environmental point of view. This behaviour is part of the management model and strategy of Coloronda. Something that our customers perceive and appreciate and that leads us to provide them with the best service.


Human Resources

Much of what has been achieved by Coloronda is owed to our team of professionals. They attend, research and develop new ceramic products and techniques in order to generate innovative solutions and future trends for all our customers, in anticipation of their needs. Our team of commercial technicians, local and highly specialized, are available at all times to answer your questions. Because, the main objective of Coloronda is to offer the best recommendations and solutions together with flexible and effective, technical assistance and service.


Our facilities, located in Onda, are equipped with the most advanced technologies and manufacturing and automation systems, allowing us to guarantee constant levels of high quality and continuous service. The company has laboratories (Quality Control, R & D & i, Development of prototypes, Technical Assistance, Applications...) all perfectly equipped to carry out all relevant tests.

It also has the necessary equipment to investigate the development of new products and meet the most demanding requirements, in a wide range of applications.

Work with us

Do you want to work with an enterprise leader in ceramics industry?

At Coloronda we are always searching for new talent to join our best professionals.

If you are interested, send your C.V. to our Human Resources department.


Inspired by nature since 1998


Vitreous materials obtained from the fusion of inorganic raw materials at high temperatures subjected to a fast cooling process that constitute the main component of ceramic enamels. Developed by our R & D & I department, with a highly qualified team and the most advanced technology, our wide range of special frits, glossy and matt (transparent or opaque), for wall tile single firing, stoneware for floor tile, porcelain stoneware, double fast firing and third firing, are manufactured with top quality raw materials.


Coloronda offers a wide variety of colouring pigments of great thermal stability and adequate particle size that provide high colouring power to ceramic glazes. We currently have a wide range of colours adapted to the different existing firing techniques and application technologies with which our customers can obtain a wide variety of colour shades in their glazes.

Glazes and engobes

Glazes, homogeneous mixtures of frits and other raw materials, milled in liquid or served like solid compounds, formulated according to the desired characteristics. The engobes, with a content of clay higher than that existing on the enamels, serve as an interface between body and glaze. Coloronda offers a wide variety of glazes and engobes for different manufacturing technologies with an infinite number of finished surfaces (glossy, matt, opaque, rustic…), adapted properly according to the means of our customers’ working conditions.


Coloured, transparent, opaque, luster, non-slip and reactive granules with which our customers can provide to their different finishes with a high added value. We offer a wide range of particle size distributions, having granules suitable for applying through the different application techniques currently available in the market, whether wet, dry or digital application, as well as the adhesives, glues and suspending gels necessaries for an optimal application.

Digital ink and effects

As a result of our investment in R & D & I, we obtain digital inkjet products consisting on new ranges of products developed in our facilities, which are equipped with the most efficient production and control systems existing in the market, in order to offer the maximum printing quality.

As an example, there are products that are already widely accepted, such as “Coloronda-Ink” committed to the quality, intensity and variety of shades, “Coloronda Effect-Ink”, “Digital glaze” and the new embossing ink named “Tekton-Ink”...


Silk-Screen printing and micronized powders

Obtained from a mixture of first quality frits and/or raw materials, under constant and accurate control systems. We have a wide variety of screen printing powders that, applied on the required substrate and through an appropriate decorative technique, give rise to different surface finishes and micro-structures in order to reproduce any type of texture and finish in a ceramic tile.


Coloronda offers a wide variety of frits and ceramic products capable of providing metallic, silver and gold luster effects, as well as pearl-shaped and iridescent effects that applied on different ceramic substrates endowing the ceramic tiles with a wide variety of finishes, thus allows obtaining ceramic designs of a high decorative value. Our lusters have a wide range of working temperatures, and can be used indistinctly in the different industrial firing cycles.


A range of raw materials that being added to the glazes or the screen printing powders, provides a decorative effect consisting in a reflexion of different colour depending on the angle of incidence of light on the surface of the ceramic tile. These products of very different nature stand out due to their technical/aesthetic characteristics, giving an added value to the final product.

Roof Tiles / Construction

In this series of products there are a variety of colours available for roof tiles with an excellent final finish. In Coloronda we have improved over time, a wide range of frits made specifically to meet the needs of the roof tile industry. Through its quality control, its high stability, homogeneity, hue and maximum dispersion capacity are verified.


Coloronda has a wide range of frits and glazes for the porcelain tableware industry. With a wide range of colours, this kind of product is suitable for body and glaze applications for tableware. In all these products you can certify its optimum colour performance and maximum stability. They can be acquired as a frit, ready-mix compound, or like micronized powder, where it should only be diluted with water and applied in proper conditions.

Creativity and service with the best quality


At Coloronda we offer you a myriad of aesthetic and technical options, equally in colour ranges, textures, and formats, which adapt and respond to the possibilities and needs of each client. Via the observation of trends, the understanding of the different markets, and the experience of our design team, we are in a position to make constant offerings of new designs, textures, and very varied, and highly competitive effects. From the beginning at Coloronda, our main source of inspiration has been nature: wood, stone, metals... which has encouraged us to create ceramic products with elevated technical and aesthetic features, where design is an added value and differentiator that promotes the success of our customers.


Quality is closely linked to our way of understanding things, which ensures continuous improvement in everything we do. At Coloronda we use the best raw materials and the latest ceramic technology so that the technical and aesthetic characteristics of our products are always excellent.

Throughout the production process, both raw materials and the finished product are subject to strict quality controls, which respect the guidelines established in our Quality System certified according to ISO 9001: 2015, which guarantees compliance with desired quality levels.

Technical assistance

At Coloronda we strive to strengthen relationships and customer service. Our technical and commercial team offers a comprehensive service to achieve your total satisfaction. Attending to your needs and giving customized solutions to any type of query or production problem that may arise. We provide advice and constant technical support, contributing our experience and knowledge of the ceramic industry to solve all possible doubts, with the result that the entire productive process in which our products are used, is the most efficient, and profitable possible for all our clients.

We design the future for today´s market

R & D & i

Since the founding of the company we have been concerned with maintaining the constant creation of new designs and effects, innovating and dedicating a large part of our resources and efforts into obtaining advances that allow us to improve ceramic applications, with the aim of offering new, more competitive, business opportunities to all our customers. In Coloronda we have the necessary resources to control the entire process of development and manufacturing, from conception, to its supply. We have a specialized technical team that focuses on devising innovative products, with a wide range of aesthetic and technical possibilities, thereby creating future trends for todays market.


“Research and development of a new ceramic pavement suitable for floors subject to high wear". This is a project carried out jointly by the companies Porcelanosa, Industrias Omar, and Coloronda.

This research started in October 2015 and is funded by the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), through the FEDER Funds, whose general objective is to contribute to the development of ceramic pavements with innovative technical and aesthetic properties.



The differentiating factor of Coloronda, which ensures the success of our customers, is in generating innovative solutions and future trends which provide the best competitive advantages and the highest possible added value to all the products we manufacture. In our constant search for innovative products and techniques, which have as an objective the achievement of differentiation in the marketplace. We have, and continue to, collaborate with different ceramic research centres, such as the Jaume I University of Castellón, the Institute of Ceramics and Glass, the Institute of Ceramic Technology, or the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI). An example of this is the REDESTILE project.

We take care of our greatest source of inspiration

Conscious of the responsibility we have with our planet, we constantly strive to minimize, as much as possible, the impact that our activity may have on the environment. The efforts of Coloronda to comply with this environmental commitment result in the following practices:

  • We use Natural Gas as the main fuel..
  • We have systems to purify gases and oxygen burners in our frit melting furnace to help curb global warming.
  • We make meticulous selections of the raw materials most respectful to the environment and the health of people.
  • We try to reintroduce in our processes, all those sub-products that may be susceptible to becoming waste, and which do not alter the quality of our products.
  • We selectively segregate the waste generated in the production process.
  • Internal reuse of wastewater in a closed circuit: Discharge 0
  • We have a Quality Management system in which we ensure the effectiveness of our processes, and optimize the consumption of resources.
  • We comply with the applicable legal requirements associated with the environment and we have the means to constantly update them.

Likewise, our acquired commitment to respect the environment is evidenced through the Certification of our Environmental Management System with the ISO 14.001 standard, implemented from the very beginning of our activity.