Frits, glazes, inks, and ceramic colours


From Innovation to Technical Assistance, passing through product and process design and development, we are committed to quality and ongoing improvement in products and processes.

Technical assistance and Consulting

We have a highly qualified technical team to offer the best solutions and most customised service, technical assistance and consulting for our customers.


In our striving for ongoing improvement, we are committed to always keeping at the forefront, providing our facilities with the most advanced technology and qualified personnel, needed for extending the lines of research, development, and innovation in products.

Quality Control

In observance of the guidelines set out in our Quality System, certified according to standard ISO 9001:2008, our products are subjected to stringent quality controls throughout the entire production process.


Designers in collaboration with the creative, technical, and commercial team, always pursuing the development of new models, providing our clients with a broad spectrum of products adapted to their markets, tastes, and possibilities.


Notre équipe technique des laboratoires s'attache à répondre à l'une des demandes les plus importantes de nos clients : le développement de produits avec un large éventail de possibilités esthétiques et techniques.


Inkjet inks

We have a wide range of inkjet inks with high stability for digital technology.


Neutral, coloured, and silver lustres for different applications.

Screen prints

Screen prints for every technology.


Coloured, transparent, or opaque grits for special applications. They are applied dry and are fixed on the ceramic surface by means of glues.


Metal oxides calcined at high temperature, which give rise to colouring pigments for ceramic glazes. Their thermal stability and resistance, together with the appropriate particle size, provide high colouring power.

Glazes and engobes

Glazes, homogeneous mixtures of frits and other raw materials, wet milled or in solid compounds formulated as a function of the desired characteristics, with a view to adapting them to each client's requirements. The engobes, with a composition similar to and slightly more clayey than the glazes, act as an interface between body and glaze. We offer a wide range of glazes and engobes for different technologies and in various finishes.


Frits are mixtures of inorganic chemical substances obtained by quenching a melt, made up of a complex combination of materials, transforming the chemical substances thus prepared into insoluble glassy compounds in the form of granules. We have a wide range of glossy and matt (transparent or opaque) frits for single firing, porcelain tile, double firing, and for third fire, manufactured with top-quality raw materials.


Aware of the Environmental importance of the Activity pursued and of the importance of the Quality of the Products that we offer our Clients, we have adopted, as Management Tools, Standards “UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems” and “UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems.”

In our constant quest for the Satisfaction of our Clients, we have created and work on a Management System based on our Policy, using Environmental and Occupational Safety and Health criteria in the planning and decision-making processes.

We are committed to Compliance with the Legal Regulations in force in regard to the Environment and Occupational Safety and Health, the requirements of the Quality and Environmental Management standards, as well as other requirements that we sign with our clients or other organisations.

Setting ourselves as High-priority Objectives the Ongoing Improvement of the efficiency of the Management System, in a Safe and Healthy Work Environment, we seek to eliminate in advance any danger that might lead to occupational disease or injury, fire or material damage, and we pursue the Prevention and Minimisation of Pollution (Control of Air Emissions, Minimisation of Waste from the Production Process, Optimisation of the Use of Resources).

We prioritise Regular Evaluation of the Environmental Impacts and the Occupational Risks caused by our activities and products, setting objectives and goals with a view to preventing them, eliminating them, or reducing them.

We have defined the Responsibilities for the Achievement of the Objectives set in regard to Quality, the Environment, and Occupational Risk Prevention, and the criteria for their Evaluation, providing sufficient means and personnel.

We foster, support, and participate in the improvement initiatives in all the Company’s processes.

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9 to 13 February 2015

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11 to 14 February 2014

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Feria Cersaie 2012