Digital ink and effects

Better features. Maximum performance

As a result of our investment in R & D & I, we’ve obtained digital inkjet products with new ranges, developed in our facilities which are equipped with the most efficient production and control systems in the market, so as to provide the highest quality of printing.

Examples of this are found in products that already enjoy great market acceptance, such as the "Coloronda-Ink" line which is committed to quality, intensity, and diversity of colours, and "Coloronda Effect-Ink", "Digital glace" and the newly named Tekton-Ink, which adds to the glaze surface a new micro-structure effect, or a range of corrugated surfaces on the final piece, providing it with a huge realism that gives to this kind of collections an special added value.

All of them have been developed in our facilities, in order to obtain a more suitable follow-up of the final product, and thus guaranteeing the added value desired by our customers.

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